Why study in Switzerland?


Let Switzerland surprise you

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is known around the world for its excellent school system and multilingual heritage. It is therefore a natural choice for teaching-degree students across Europe to hone their skills in a multicultural setting. This is the aim of our Western Switzerland International Semester (WESIS) programme, which is designed for European students studying to become primary or secondary school teachers (children aged 4–15). The programme – taught entirely in English – will start in 2020 and is being sponsored by two teacher training colleges recognised for their excellence and engagement.

Switzerland is multilingual

Switzerland, with its four national languages, provides a unique setting for exploring the challenges of teaching in multilingual environments. How can you juggle the needs of children who speak different languages or who come from linguistic minorities? How can you teach second and third languages? We’ll draw on first-hand experience to discuss all these topics.

Switzerland is great

With its crystal-clear lakes and imposing mountains, vibrant cities and rustic villages, Switzerland truly offers something for everyone. Whether you’re into skiing, hiking, socialising or museums, you’ll find countless fun and surprising activities here.

Switzerland is friendly

Switzerland’s cities and universities are not only safe, but also the perfect size to balance an international outlook with a warm, friendly welcome. We will strive to give our students the individual attention and support they need to get the most out of the programme.